Andrew Mikhael

Egyptian, Brooklyn-based Art Director.
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Misguided Spirits / No one comes from nowhere.

Not all who wander are lost. Some are just a little misguided.

Lincoln Financial / (Un)spoken plan

We’re on a mission to get people talking about finances with loved ones.

UNIBET / The Bettor Bracket

Move on to the Bettor Bracket. Our bracket is made for bettors, by bettors.

Pátron Tequila / Smoky

Where there’s smoke, there’s perfection.

Copa América / Different story, same game.

The game hasn’t changed, only the journey.

Bose / Through the noise.

Providing a platform for new artists to be heard.

Patrón Tequila / Margarita of the year.

Bartenders across different cities competing for the crown.

BOWLD Plate / Never too hot to handle.

An innovational plate that helps you carry heated bowls.

A Dummy Diary / Welcome

Will he ever escape? Is this all a simulation? Maybe and probably.

Twinvibes / Meet the twins

Set of twins that are constantly vibing off one other.
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Andrew Mikhael, Brooklyn, NY.